Help keep getting error after around 30 mins playing/ error image in post

this is the message i keep getting, im not sure why im using real steam gta5, and both gta5 and reborne are fresh installs with just 3 mod menus, enhanced reborne, nigger menu (sorry im not racist thats actuallly its name), and crusaders v1 , i also have camera lock v for drifting, every thing works fine maybe somthing is conflicting with some thing else, im not sure but please help if you can as it gets annoying restarting reborne all the time. iv included loads of pics of my files hope some one can help me out. thanks

GTA V version- latest
Up to date- yes
Legit or Pirate copy-legit
Steam/CD/Social Club-social club
Error screenshot-included in post
GTA V folder screenshot![alt text](![0_1471649033698_14081115_1953429438217044_2115159926_n.jpg] also
FiveReborn client folder screenshot!

citizens fx log - not too sure what that is.

Also add what you already tried so far. nothing i need advise from people with more knopwlege or who have fixed this problem

hello, this is not a error on your side this is on the server you connected to.
some servers have modded cars but they do not load properly so it sends a error to you.
try to connect to a server that is good.
i recommend Best[U.S.A] server car mods by EPPSGAMES, but it dose not reach you then try a other one, do stay on one server the whole time even when theirs no one in it, try for you can see if its you or the server

ok thank you, i was in the role play server guess its there server settings ill join there team speak and show them the error and try get them to fix it, thanks so much for the quick reply.