[HELP] I need help about one of my script

Hello, I need to know if I can claim or denounce in any way in fivem to 2 people for downloading my script and owning it and uploading it to youtube as if it were from that person when the creator is me

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I think no, if the script is uploaded in FiveM forum you can report it and deal with it, but if it’s in youtube I think you can’t

Hello, was your script licensed?

How can i license my script?

Hey ! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you develop some scripts and you don’t itend to post them on these forum, you can obfuscate a part of you code. Code that for example :

  • Print in the server and client console “Author : Nekix, downloaded from : Git/Nekix”, or even in the chat every X hours
  • Maybe even a licence key system that require them to have a specific key to be able to use it

As long as you bind the obfuscate code that display you ownership (in any way) to the rest of the code (by calling the main functions inside the obfuscate code for example), they wont be able to claim the script as theirs. And people that steal work from other that way generally aren’t able to make their own script, so they wont RE your obfuscate code to make the resource able to start without it.

(But don’t forget that if you want to post your script here you cannot have obfuscate code)

Peace !

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