HELP i keep getting this (error CURL code 0x22)

Me and some friends are trying to install Fivereborn but this error message keeps on popping up it is getting really frustrating all of us are installing to the correct places but we all get the same error at the same place everytime. hope someone can help thanks.

i get the exact same result, let me know if u get a fix

How long have you been trying to install? and i will let you know if i fix it

all day and thanks i really appreciate it

New installs are getting this.

is there anyway to fix this?

also in the same boat

Sup guys,i ran into the same problem. After playing today a bit later it would not restart…
So i removed all, restarted pc…same story. so what i did is the same as for an older error :

  • go to youre FiveReborn location (map),in there you have a cache folder.

  • inside the cache youll find a game folder with in that folder a GTA_V_LAUNCHER…

  • delete that GTA_V_LAUNCHER…

thats how it workt for me hope its the same for you guys i know its the fiix for an other error but what you gonna do…

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thanks il give that a try

Yessss it works thank you so much

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