[help] i can't start my server


Can someone help me I’m using OVH vps and I can’t start my server Thanks in advance.

How are you starting the server?
What command are you using?

I’m using start bat

To start your server you need to go into your server-data folder and than type that command : server directory\FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg

I’ll check that Thank you.

Can you show me example so I can check on my files?

If my server is on my desktop to start It I have to go into server-data folder and then open a cmd inside it and run the command server directory/FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg
I try to explain as best as I can but this is the link to the official documentation of fivem: https://docs.fivem.net/docs/server-manual/setting-up-a-server/

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