[HELP] How to test if player is near water?

I want to make a script with fishing, if player is near water then do something

something like GetDistanceBetweenCoords but there are no cords for water I believe?

You could make it check if

BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_WATER(Entity entity) // CFB0A0D8EDD145A3 4C3C2508

But that will require them to be in the water, like at the shore line or something.

this is awesome thanks! do you know if its possible to add a radius to this checker? for example, if they are in a boat thats on water, it would pickup the water from a radius of the player

Thank you :slight_smile:

In this instance you should check if the player is in a boat then check if that boat is in water with the above native.

Sorry to piggyback, but to be clear, is there any tricky way to detect if a player is say, above water? For example, if a player is in a plane, is there a way to consistently detect whether the ground below them is land or water?