[Help]How to replace a ybn file

I want to put a new police station into my server. However, I can’t walk into it and the read me file order me to Replace collision hw1_09_0.ybn file
\Grand Theft Auto V\x64j.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\hollywood_01\hw1_09.rpf
but I don’t know where is the file in file zillaAnnotation 2020-07-14 123556 Annotation 2020-07-14 123521

That’s because you’re doing the instructions to install a GTA5 mapping into GTA5 solo.
You don’t want that, you want to do that into a FiveM server.

If you want to replace the collision file directly into your GTA5 solo, use OpenIV and you just need to replace the file at the correct location.

If you want to do it on a FiveM server, you need a resource to stream the files.

Here’s how you can do it.