[Help] How to make disappear money HUD on the pause menu?

i want to disable the money HUD on the pause menu.


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check if the ‘esc’ key is pressed and then use this code…

TriggerClientEvent('es:setMoneyDisplay', source, 0)

it’s essential mod my money HUD. I have to put the code in essentialmode\client\main.lua ?
I have to make a condition “if” ?

No you need to make a totally new client script that listens for the key press and then trigger that event, similarly when the pause when is closed you’d need to set 0 to 1

Ok, i understand but how i can make my condition with the “esc” ? I’m not good in lua language. Can you explain me how i can do this ?

I can make a script like this ?

local Keys = {
	["ESC"] = 322

GUI.time = 0
if( IsControlPressed(1, Keys["ESC"]) and (GetGameTimer() - GUI.time) > 1000 ) then
	TriggerClientEvent('es:setMoneyDisplay', source, 0)
    GUI.time = GetGameTimer()

i’m bad in lua language :confused: