Help How to fix?

How to fix?

you need to create a rockstar game account :slight_smile: i login with my account and i works :slight_smile:


I have this problem same and i connect to rockstar games ( i logged on this ) but its not working please heelp

Try changing your password on Social Club and then try login in with your new password. It worked for my friend and it seems to work for another people aswell.

on rockstar games on google no ?

no… this dont works …

Maybe try downloading Social Club, I don’t know why, but it may work, make sure you’re logged in Social Club aswell when you validate 5Reborn.

Can you send me social club website please to download it ?

I think you can download it from here

This gives me another error

@Costy25 Do you have a legit copy of GTA 5?

I have gta 5 fitgirl pirated

There is your problem… FiveReborn does not accept Pirated copys of GTA… Buy it or find something else to do

You should’ve said you have pirated game, yeah, pirated copys don’t work anymore.

I still can not fix it All these problems, I do not want to use a renovation.
I want Fivereborn old do?

what if I accidentally entered the wrong info is there any way to fix this??