[Help] How emulated nui: // in chrome?

I do interfaces in html and js I would debug my file is I wonder how I could emulate nui: // local If you have an idea said the ^^ !!!

Its html… just open it in chrome. Make sure you have the body to display though.

I use chrome but as I made a system a little particular I wanted emulate nui: // but suddenly I have a system that allows to go in file: //

For JS libs or NUI callbacks ?

If you see what I mean by that

function AddEventHandler(name, func) {
        POST("http://system/AddEventHandler", JSON.stringify({ Name: name }));
        EventCallList["AddEventHandler:" + name] = func

My problem is solved I just replaced http and nui in file: // for emulated my interface on chrome is for everything well debug

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