[Help] General Help/Resources/Advice For Server scripting

Hello :slight_smile:! I want to start off by saying how impressed I am with this project. Works near flawlessly for me and my brothers on our private server.

I need some help with server/client scripting though. Mostly just collecting information and resources to help along the way. I already have a firm knowledge with writing Lua scripts and with other program languages (mostly various C based languages).

  1. I’d like to know the recommended way of formatting/writing my plugin. I plan to write a as much as i can server side. Saving player inventories, positions, maybe other items as well is something I have in mind. What would be the best example within the resources available to see an example of saving this information? Or any examples of handling a players inventory, such as adding/removing weapons, changing clothes/model details. And also if there is a way to have a mysql database file to record this information without needing to install a mysql server on my machine if possible.

  2. Are there any current methods to handle activities like in GTA:O? Similar to Golf, race missions, etc? And are there any currently available server side implementations of things like this or even implementations of clothes/weapon/ammo stores? Generally any help with adding custom triggers into the map and then handling them would be appreciated.

  3. Are there any premade lists for things like peds, weapons, vehicles, and stores with their code reference names? I’ve located a ped list Here already.

  4. What would be some recommended ways for handling client menus? My ultimate goal is to have everything written into the servers resources and not need any scripthook mods for the clients.

I know it’s a lot to ask and I am very sorry for repeating any already answered questions :slight_smile: Any help is greatly appreciated!