help for stt_prop_race_start_line_01b on Map

Hi there.
I’m trying to map a racetrack for a server and I would like to use stt_prop_race_start_line_01b or one of these. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, as soon as you step away from it, it disappears.
Do you have to pay attention to anything special in order to use this?
I map with CodeWalker.
also created a _manifest.ymf. everything else that I have placed on the map up to now is not shown except this one.

I thank you for your help.

sorry for my bad english i am german

Codewalker is weird a lot. I’ve made a lot of Ymaps with it and once you get closer it appears but the more you get away from the Ymap design it disappears. So, I would try to use MLO or something close to that. Also ymap is far more laggy than any other designs, but on the other hand MLO is less laggy.

What is MLO?

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