[Help] esx-vehicle shop menu not working

So I loaded esx_vehicleshop into my server, everything works fine the first time I walk into the marker. But once I back out of the menu and try to go back into it, it does not give me a prompt to enter the marker again. I’ve gone through the code like 10 times comparing it to other shop resources, but I can not fix the problem. Does anyone have a fix for this?

i got an other script error this one @esx_vehicleshop/client/main.lua:161: bad argument #1 to ‘insert’ (table expected, got nil) i don’t know how i can fix this error

Do you have this in your database?

CREATE TABLE `vehicle_categories` (
	`name` varchar(60) NOT NULL,
	`label` varchar(60) NOT NULL,

	PRIMARY KEY (`name`)

INSERT INTO `vehicle_categories` (name, label) VALUES
	('sportsclassics','Sports Classics'),
	('offroad','Off Road'),

Yes i got this in my database

I had the problem until recently too, then I had reset the database via Zap hosting then it went :grinning:
Srry for my bad english im a german xD

i have everything in the database but i cant open the menu no matter what no errors: its like it doesnt recognize me being on the marker…

Hey there, i have recently had the same issue but i have resolved it by making sure all vehicle
categories are there, if u have re moved a category it seems to mess it up.

make sure all are there!


Hope this helps!

help with this please guys