[Help] Draw ped (Full body) screenshot

Hey people, i already do alot of researchs and i didnt got success, i already tried with Scaleform and hadnt got success too. So i decided to write this thread to know really if there are some tricks to get your ped as image like mugshot.

Exemple, getting this ped like as image or in scaleform

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See https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/natives/?_0xAC0BFBDC3BE00E14 together with other PAUSE_MENU natives

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Thanks later i will see.

Alright, i made a deep research and thats not helped me. Let me clarify, i want to get a ped model of actual player in TXD like this native GetPedheadshotTxdString but i want full body not only the part head.

I did found a research in this forum about that,but I can’t find the link.
I remenber that you should use ClonePed,GivePedToPauseMenu and some pause menu functions to show that ped in pausemenu

Thanks i will try this.

I got what you said, but i dont want to activate this all menus, i cant hide that, i only wanted just catch the ped as like image.

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Did anyone figure it out? I want to draw a 3D model on the screen as well

Hey, even all these past months, I still couldn’t find the solution, one of them is the one on top, only it will keep the menus all active, and I don’t think I could deactivate them at that time. So I think this is impossible just to get the “ped” part.


I know this is old, But check the code in this resource [Free] Ax-Inventory [Rework of qb-inventory]

function CreatePedScreen(first)
        local heading = GetEntityHeading(PlayerPedId())
        ActivateFrontendMenu(GetHashKey("FE_MENU_VERSION_JOINING_SCREEN"), true, -1)
        PlayerPedPreview = ClonePed(PlayerPedId(), heading, true, false)
        local x, y, z = table.unpack(GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedPreview))
        SetEntityCoords(PlayerPedPreview, x, y, z - 10)
        FreezeEntityPosition(PlayerPedPreview, true)
        SetEntityVisible(PlayerPedPreview, false, false)
        NetworkSetEntityInvisibleToNetwork(PlayerPedPreview, false)
        GivePedToPauseMenu(PlayerPedPreview, 2)
        if first then

this would be great for my inventory to remove clothes etc.

can you help me how can i put this in the inventory?

I use ESX anyway

I dont use ESX, In fact I have created my own framework that I am using. (I do not like ESX or QBCore)
I wont be able to help with the ESX stuff, but if you still need help with this, I will try my best :+1:

Hi, sorry I only replied now, I managed to implement this in my esx inventory however I have a small problem.

The loading wheel appears as if I had opened the pause menu in GTA online, do you know how to fix this?