[HELP] Defult chat isn't working

Hello there,
Basically, the default FiveM chat doesn’t work. I press the key ‘T’ and the message display come up but i cannot type anything. And to close the chat I need to press ‘ESC’.


Do you have any client errors in the F8 Console.

In-deed there is an error, I have no idea on how to fix it though. https://gyazo.com/e75ecf534acab86504c582e733182821 < error

thats just the chat. That error doesnt hurt the chat. Have you added any chat commands before it stopped working?

I added the addon ‘commands’ or something like that but then removed it when i found out that it wasn’t working. Could that be the problem? (i have removed every file).

Sometimes if there is a script with a looped message inside of it. It can loop so many times in the chat that the message will not show up. Also if CancelEvent() is not used properly inside the server chat command to not show the message(command) in chat it will also mess up your chat.