[HELP] Create our character and save it in database

Hello, I would like to create a character foreach players only on the first connection.
I know that I must save it into the DB but do you know how to select a character ?

PS : Sorry for my bad english :smiley:


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UP, i really want help for doing this too. It’s for my local server with friends.

UP, I really need this for my local server

UP, i really want how do that !
Nobody know ?

Some people know how to do, but they keep this for “exclusivity” of their server :confused: Maybe simply use the actual cutomize system and force the opening of the menu with a command like “If isfirstspawn”. I ll try this week


any luck with that, and would it be for vrp?

im trying to this aswell

hi so there is no standalone charater creation menu, all the characters menus posted are not good for use and need to be fixed. i already fix one of the character menu.i will think about post it in the forum

plz do i really need this and i cant seem to figure it out.

Honestly got no idea either. I’ve been trying to use kasactors but it seems to be the root of my problems making my screen all blurry even though I installed it perfectly. It’s strange.

Its probably a combination of NUI and callbacks that sets player model and position on post