HELP Core Crafting Development

Hey guys!

I am looking at making some tweaks to a script named “Core Crafting”, now Inside the config.cfg I can see that there Is a option CraftingStopWithDistance = true which Is set to true in my config.

This does stop the crafting timers all together, but, does not get rid of the built up que at the bottom right of my screen!

I hope somebody could assist with this I would be very greatful!

Ask the “Core” team about this via whatever means they provide as it’s something to do with a specific resource. I don’t imagine anyone on the general forums can help you.

I did and recieved this

That’s your answer, then. If you need help with the code aspect, you gotta post the code (or whole files, if you can) here for people to help you out.

Thanks for that what would need to be seen?

All I am after Is for when people move away from the crafting bench I want the whole que which was created by spamming craft to go.

It sounds like an issue you need to resolve directly with the creator’s support team.
Since this is a paid & escrowed resource, the best place to search for help would be through them.