[HELP]client can launched, but no menu button on top right

Hello Developers, I finally get client worked by upgrade OS to win 10, but here some new things, the screen is blue with music in background, at the right top, menu buttons not showing, only logo, after that, game loading like single player mode, then a player spawned, I guess I have connected a server directly. I can play, only NPC, no other online players.
so the question is:

  1. Why the server lists and menu buttons not showing at the beginning?
  2. How do I connect a server with input IP.

By the way, the game version is according to the install instruction, everything is according to instruction.

Please help, Thanks in advance.

@alextang0926 well, read the way to post a problem for I can know more details.

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?