[help] Check plate script

Hello does anyone have a check plate/id script thank you…

anyone have anything?

You can find one on Google pretty easily.


He’s asking for a FiveM script… not a random mod.


This has a check plate in it… Works pretty good.

know how i could remove just the check plate? cause i use es_roleplay

I have no idea, sorry. :confused:

es_carshop that’s in the advanced rp dump which is made for es_roleplay has it’s own check plate script.

Ok thanks ill look at that now

You can find it on Google, there are other sites that provide FiveM content

i wasnt able to find any?

Because there’s nothing. Your best bet will be to search in the releases section of the forum. If its not there, chances are it doesn’t exist or its private.

that’s what i thought

Can’t be that hard. What exactly do you want it to do? Command and returns what info?

so like i want it to be random generation and come back with if they have a warrent or not aswell as like who its registered too

/plate (random numbers) -----Return----- (Registration: Valid/unvalid)–(Stolen: Clear/Stolen)–etc.

keep in mind it should be random but have like a 15% chance of comming back stolen so its kind of rare.

yeah something exactly .like that