[help] boost vehicles police

Hello having disabled mods menus I would like to know if there is a script to boost police vehicles see the motorcycle thank you for your answers

hello I can’t help you but do you know how to put cops cheicles on the parking of the police station he’s empty on my server

I did not put them on my part because I could not use them

oh okay, you integrated a menu of cops vehicles in the station just for cops?


you can edit carvariations.meta and handling.meta of the police cars (like police, police2, police3, policet, sheriff and sheriff2) and stream them through a ressource like you would for modded cars. You can make cars lighter, brake harder, faster, everything you want.
See this post to get some info on the setup.

Ah cool thank you to you for this information

Is there a tut on where and how to adjust speed on these cars? Little help and direction as to which lines need to be edited for speed.


believe me, I need help as much as you so I can’t provide more help. But here’s some basic info on the meaning of the values inside handling.meta, fiddle with them and see what happens. :wink:

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how to use this boost for all vehicles on default?