[HELP] best way for reinstall fiveM

i want to know
can we reinstall fiveM via backup folder?
if i install for the first time (fivem.exe) then got all folder downloaded automatically
then join many servers, so it will be makes your application data folder fulfilled with many servers stuffs, right?
then sometimes you will found many errors, and the best way to avoid that is reinstall it.

back to main question.
is it possible we reinstall five with backup folder?
i mean, after install , we should get the original folder of application data (with snail logo), then i copy it to my own data folder.
then i join many servers again. then get the errors. so i will uninstall fivem (delete the the fivem application data also fivem.exe launcher)
after that i reinstall with my own way, yes copy the folders and launcher which i copied to my own data folder to fivem folder. (WITHOUT USING FIVEM.exe installer)
so i no need to waiting longer to redownload it files again.

is it possible?

sorry for my bad english
im new to this forum, please correct me if im wrong about any rules.
this question will answered with short words i guess

Rather have these errors resolved than to answer your question. What ‘errors’ are you experiencing?


but its actually easy to handle those

so i just need the answer to my main question.

thanks for advance! :slight_smile:

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