Hi all,

It’s about time i introduce myself. I’m Mark, Dutch, 27 years old. I’ve been waiting for a mod like this ever since GTA V was released, so i’m happy to be a part of this community.

I’m the owner of a big Dutch gaming community (about 100 members) and working on a good roleplay server at the moment. At this time the server (Dutch Armed Response) only has the ability to spawn Dutch vehicles and a few textures (police stations, traffic signs) are being streamed as well.

My knowledge doesn’t reach as far as some people here. I’m mostly a technical guy with knowledge about hosting and servers but modding is not in my dictionary. I will have to depend on the release of other peoples creations.

But i’m sure that, with a bit of waiting, i will be able to create a nice Dutch roleplaying server full of features.

Greetings all!

Welcome Sir, Mark! :relaxed: