Hello FiveReborn community,

I am Dragondrakar, played SAMP for 6 years and even helped contributing to the development of IVMP
I was waiting for a 3rd party mod for GTA5, I already got annoyed and bored by the type of matchmaking of the vanilla game itself.
FiveMP failed the petition by only 8 votes to create a 3rd party launcher after Rockstar lawfully took them down! If they had succeeded that petition there would’ve been a major change already!

Lets hope you guys will stick arround a long time before they are going to shut it down or succesfully get the petition to get support from Rockstar themselfs!

greetings Dragondrakar

Welcome man, and FiveMP is still on? But it probaly won’t be much anyhow.


No FiveMP is dead after Rockstar forcefully closed them… if they wouldnt stop, the lawsuit would have closed them anyways