Hello, What is the function to know if a ped is making an animation?

Everything is in the title
Thanks for help

That way > https://forum.cfx.re/c/development

I have not found my answer in the forum, I know where to look.
This is not the answer to my question

BOOL IS_ENTITY_PLAYING_ANIM(Entity entity, char *animDict, char *animName, int p4) // 1F0B79228E461EC9 0D130D34

Taken from ENTITY::IS_ENTITY_PLAYING_ANIM(PLAYER::PLAYER_PED_ID(), "creatures@shark@move", "attack_player", 3)

p4 is always 3 in the scripts.
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Thanks plumbum, I will look at this solution

What is the name of the “ride in a vehicle” animation?

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