Hello I need help with Esx advanced garage

So when i install script, srcipt doesnt work, no blips on map nothing



still doesn’t work

Any console errors or errors in F8 menu?

Creating script environments for esx_advancedgarage
Error loading script server/main.lua in resource esx_advancedgarage: @esx_advancedgarage/server/main.lua:26: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘RegisterCommand’)
stack traceback:
@esx_advancedgarage/server/main.lua:26: in main chunk
Failed to load script server/main.lua.

Console error

can u help me ?

Make sure you are using the newest es_extended and you are not using essentialmode.


im using essentialmode

The latest es_extended doesn’t require essentialsmode now.
Look at the link i posted, Other people were having the same issue and the developer has mentioned the reasoning behind the error.

so i installed es_esxtended and something broke XD

So what he is suggesting you get rid of the old es_extended and remove essentialmode. Install the newer version of es_extended. (You dont need essentialmode) for that.