Hello FiveReborner's

Hello everyone My name is Sune1808/Delta_Force Or as i would also be called InGame name James Rasmussen ive new to this kind of gta 5 and i’m very happy to be here

If anyone needs and RP’ing officer (May i add an note i most like the US Based RP but if needed i can go with some UK aswell)Feel free to contact me as i’m a person ho loves RP without further do i would like to say hi and i’m going to stay here for a while

King Regards Delta_Fore :slight_smile:

We need officers on STATE 2 wich is an UK RP Server. Probably the biggest Eu server

And get insta banned when you join the server like I did.

^lol, RP servers in a nutshell.

Well I joined and got kicked for cobaiting and failrp which I never done but someone lied to the owner and perm banned me. Came on Ts3 and banned me from there. Best part is that he has no idea how to unban lmao

@Razza You are still banned? lmao


Yea @Trust37 ,
Told me I was unbanned although I know for a fact I wasn’t. Used Ts3 for years, I know when I am unbanned lol

@Sune1808 Hello Sune,

I am part of a roleplay clan that plays in GTA V primarily now but also occasionally still patrols in GTA IV. We are an RP server for Police, Fire and EMS. Feel free to check us out and apply if you want to. We do have a FiveReborn server up and running with custom vehicles for all services. If you try to join the server it wont work because you must be whitelisted upon joining.

You can check us out and apply on our website, http://libertycountydps.enjin.com/.