Hello FiveReborn community!

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin though I usually go by my ‘afterburn’ handle. I’m a 22 year old webdeveloper and currently live in the Netherlands. If GTA’s multiplayer wasn’t infested by hackers, and if I could actually get past a loading screen before hitting the age of 80, GTA probably would’ve been my all-time favorite game, which is why I am here.

I hope this glorious endeavour called FiveReborn will someday allow me to host a dedicated freeroam server that has similar functionality as the official thing (mainly the ability to customize your character) and I will do everything within my power to make it so. I plan on being part of this community for an indefinite time and hope I can be of service to some of you in terms of technical support.

Nice to meet you all.


Currently you can already make a character customizer or even clothing stores if you so wish. :slight_smile:

@kanersps Thanks! Didn’t think it’d be possible yet, will surely look into it.

welcome @afterburn