Hello! :D

Hello, people! I figure I might as well give a super quick introduction of some kind as I’m actually digging how this whole thingy’s set up. :smiley: So far my name on the servers is Giraffe if you’ve seen aimlessly wandering about already. Ah. . . Hmm. . . I kind of like a sort of calmness when I play, so I tend to end up doing my own thing/minding my own business for the most part, but I really hope to get in on one of those Whitelisted servers that I might fit in! :smiley:

Welcome To The Community Bro!! :blush::innocent::laughing:

Welcome, enjoy

@Szanboti Hello Szanboti,

I am part of a roleplay clan that plays in GTA V primarily now but also occasionally still patrols in GTA IV. We are an RP server for Police, Fire and EMS. Feel free to check us out and apply if you want to. We do have a FiveReborn server up and running with custom vehicles for all services. If you try to join the server it wont work because you must be whitelisted upon joining.

You can check us out and apply on our website, http://libertycountydps.enjin.com/.


Welcome aboard, Szan!

Oh, wait a minute. :stuck_out_tongue: