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events on fridays!

Consider bringing your crew, and starting a group!

love the sunsets!

Todays bump is sponsored by Remis, Happy Hunting!

Events are on tonight! Will this be the end of FLAC?

My fav server

Hello all!! more RP events and hangouts coming soon!!! Stay tuned and don’t forget to join the discord!

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Whether you’re a FiveM veteran looking for a fresh look at a map you know like the back of your hand or a new roleplayer looking for a roleplay experience with tangible goals; Hell or High Water has something for you.

The server is well optimized, unique and has caring staff that is committed to both quality roleplay and constantly improving the player experience. There is a talented core of roleplayers that are story-minded and character driven.

Do yourself a favor and give it a try. It’s how I found a new home and some great people

Server will open to the public on March 10th for our second season. Thank you for all the support during Season 1!