☣️「 HELL or HIGH WATER 」| OPENS TODAY @ 5 EST | Zombie Apocalypse Survival RP | Mysterious Virus and a Flooded World

Hell or High Water is the long-awaited resurgence of FiveM Zombie Apocalypse RP, brought to you by the creators of The Walking Dead RP and San Andreas United RP.

We are in development and growing fast. Reserve your group now to be ready when the time comes to dominate the flooded, undead wastes of San Andreas.




What’s being completed, and what features should we expect in the final product now that development is further along?

The Map:

At the moment, the zombie system is operational, and the floodwater has been raised to the appropriate levels. Our Map Development Team has separate assignments across San Andreas so that they can be completed in tandem. The map needs minor performance optimization, so this will be completed last. The map is being updated and tested every single day.

The Looting Mechanics:

The most important mechanic in our server is the looting. Loot tables are being actively worked on, so beta testers can help balance them. Loot tables are server-wide; once somebody loots a prop, anyone else who searches the prop will be notified that someone already looted the location until the next server restart. There is a simple NPC trader that certain scrap items like cloth, metal, and plastic bottles can be sold to for very little, just to encourage the disposal of unused resources to keep performance up. Robbing other players works now as well, dead or alive, with an animation check for safety.

The Lifestyle Mechanics:

Cooking and crafting have been added, and so have items as placeable world objects. You can currently find a pot and an empty bottle, collect water using that bottle along any water source, craft a campfire, place the campfire anywhere in the world, purify the water at the campfire you placed, drink the water you purified, and then get that empty bottle back. More cooking recipes need to be added, but the system is functional. Also, items such as tents, lawn chairs, tables, and more will also be able to be placed and packed up as items into your inventory.

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January of 2023.

In January of 2023, a sizable asteroid struck the North Pole. Since then, the total disintegration of the ice shelves has caused sea levels to rise across all oceans. The newly-formed volcanic activity in the North has prevented glaciers from reforming, and so the sea levels have remained 30 feet above pre-catastrophe levels. With the South Pole’s glacial ice still intact, the weather has become extreme and caused many casualties in the first years after the strike.

Late 2037.

More recently, in late 2037, some of the remaining survivors had begun to behave in mysterious ways. For those afflicted, it seemed that even the most independent of them had suddenly developed an extreme separation anxiety. They would demand to be close to other people, and if they couldn’t be, they would experience violent nervous breakdowns. It was not uncommon to see the afflicted tearing at their own arms and screaming in frustration when alone. Their hysterical outbursts exiled them from their families, their packs, and their homes, so they found comfort in each other, forming shanty towns where they could always be together, no more than mere feet apart.

The year is now 2038.

Now, in 2038, their camps have largely been abandoned as the afflicted have now developed physical symptoms – sores that wear down to the bone, bloodied eyes, and a total dissociation from reality. They no longer eat, drink, speak, or respond to their names, but instead wander in packs looking for the true living, who they will kill in an attempt to be as near to them as possible. It is assumed that most of the unafflicted are either immune to the disease or avoided contact with the infected.

Current information about the virus.

It is currently unknown how the infection spreads or what type of disease it is. It is not known where it originated. It has not been given a name. Communications over long distances are slow, as satellites are no longer being maintained and infrastructure as a whole is in disrepair. These mysteries have solutions, and those solutions can be revealed by the smartest of the remaining survivors, provided that they dedicate themselves to research.


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