Helicopter Camera

Hey, we tried it and it looks weird :sweat_smile: They are not in the same direction

It works fine on my end but has issues with vehicles far from the helicopter, we’ll try to work on it
Regarding the pan speed it’s adjustable in the config file

Dont know if it’s possible on fivem but i find this who use the spot in direction Grand Theft Auto V (PC) - Spotlight v1.0 - YouTube

Also, we have hud on our server and it display over, can you make a event when user enter camera / leave to hide / display our HUD ?


That’s really nice but it’s in C# and for RAGE, and IIRC they have access to more natives

Yeah sure

I tested a bit more and it seems that it happens only with NPC vehicles, their collisions seems to be unloaded faster than player’s, but we found a fix that will be released in the next version


:white_check_mark: Whitelist some identifiers or job (unencrypted, preconfigured for ESX)
:white_check_mark: Units can be configured (KM/H, M/S, MPH, KTS, M, FT)
:white_check_mark: Client event for knowing if the UI is open or closed (HeliCam:UIVisible)
:white_check_mark: Bugfix spotlight not synced if multiple people in vehicle

Great effort! :grin:


Starting today and ending on the 10th of July, -:one::zero:% on a variety of scripts !

Does this work on the as350

It works on any vehicle, you just have to add it to the config and adjust the camera placement on the vehicle

Here’s an example for the police maverick :

    [GetHashKey("polmav")] = {

      -- Offset from center of vehicle
      Offset = vector3(0.0, 2.7, -1.25),

      -- Set vision parameters
      Vision = {
        Night   = true, -- Enable night   vision ?
        Thermal = true, -- Enable thermal vision ?

      -- Enable spotlight
      SpotLight = true,

      -- Only the passengers can open the camera
      PassengerOnly = true,
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