Head of LEO Department looking for a new server

Hello, im looking for a new community to join, i have over 2 years of experience and i havent had luck with other communities so im searching for one i can work with and run a department in

What i have to offer:

  • Department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Department Policy Document with over 14000 characters
  • Multiple forms (monthly roll call, patrol log, commend/complaint forms etc.)
  • Penal Code
  • Public Roster
  • Department Structures (Vehicle, Uniform and Rank)
  • Pre-made Subdivisions
  • BCSO Discord with set up roles and emotes.
  • More…

What im looking for in communities:

  • A community who’s owner is willing to allow me to run the department without interference and backseat directing
  • EUP
  • Custom vehicles (not a deal breaker, we can work on those)
  • Friendly but serious RP
  • Dedicated Staff team that sets rules and does not break them

If you want to contact me the best way would be to add and DM me on discord
My Discord: Redox#2930
I hope someone will find my skillset and prepared documents useful for their community and contact me soon so that we can work together


Hello, we are looking for a Chief of Police on our server, would love to talk to you if you would like to come and discuss what experiences you have, our discord is discord.gg/CQEw87z

Looking to fill up this with good cops !!


Update: Added Discord to the list of things i have prepared



How’s it going!

Aeon Roleplay is in the process of launching a custom framework “SeriousRP” FiveM Server.

We’re currently building staff teams and whitelist roles ready to launch the server in the coming weeks; development is complete and we can’t wait to get peoples stories started.

We pride ourselves on our community lead server, meaning we implement things that our community wants to see. My dedicated staff team will always ensure the integrity of RP is maintained and abuse of power will never be an issue.

Our members have extremely high-quality RP which will be reflected throughout all encounters you have in the city, we encourage everyone who plays to let themselves go and really get stuck into the world of RP.

Check it out Today and maybe come have an Early look into the next “Big Thing”!