Having the CURLcode 0x12 error

Well hello there,

So basicaly, what I’m trying to do since the begining of my hard willing to get into FiveM, is to update It.

My GTA version is the lastest one, so up to date. It’s a Legit version from the Social Club. I’m one a Windows 8.1 and here some screenshots that my be useful :

CURLcode 0x12
GTA V Folder
Dlcpacks Folder
Filepath to FiveReborn client : C:\Users\thatsmynametho\Desktop\FiveM\FiveM.app
FiveReborn client folder
In the CitizenFX.log here’s the only line : [ 16] GlobalError: Fetching game cache failed.

That’s the only thing that I can give because there’s nothing more.
What Can I make to fix this please ?
Thanks for reading and helping If you do so ! Great day and best regards to you.

EDIT 1 : I tried so far to launch It Administator mode.
Moving the .exe file to the Application Data file.