Having FPS drops more than usual?!

Ok so title says it all. I am having fps drops when i enter game and then i go really fast with a car(mostly t20,zentorno…) my game starts lagging, After i stop i still have fps drops and they wont stop. Even if i put lower settings it lags, i maybe have bit less fps drops but this is not normal. Btw usually in singleplayer i get around 30fps.(normal settings, shadows off - 1024x768) Yeah ik i have bad computer… :frowning:

Would be nice if you could post your specs, please.

Okay so i have :

  • Dual Core E8400 3.0 ghz processor
  • 8 Gb of DDR2
  • ASUS ATI HD Radeon 5450 1GB Silent
  • 255W Dell power supply(if someone wants to recommend me graphics card, i also have atx - 400 from my old computer which has 400w and i could put it in my pc)
  • Optiplex 755 Motherboard also came with my optiplex 760

wow how do you play gta v with those specs. I think we found your problem. Your PC.

U must upgrade your psu and ur vga. A Corsair CX430 and a GTX750ti should be a lot better than a 5450. 1gb for GTA5 is too much low video memory.

I was thinking about GTX 550 Ti which would be a big upgrade for my system but i can still play gta 5 singleplayer with my pc. IDK why i have too much fps drops in FiveReborn.

maybe because you are playing with specs so old that even gta v didn’t exist

@Melody Really low end rig. He should upgrade everything (get a new pc) not just upgrade his specs

@Fowraw Just dont upgrade it might cause a Bottleneck if u upgrade only CPU or only GPU just dont do it . save ure money buy a new PC Tbh . Ive been in the same position

@Fowraw If buying a new computer is too expensive, try getting a new psu first, then a q6600, and a ps4 tier gpu, like a 260x, 7790, 750ti

Yeah well curentlly i am not able to sell this pc. When i would sell it i would have some $250 and i could get some money fast but that is not good enough for a new build. I could play game with a new graphics card and this processor. People are playing GTA 5 with Pentium D, 4 and processor like that with graphics cards like gtx 750, gtx 550 ti, gt 730 which are graphics card good enough for me, Tho i dont have money for gtx 750 but i would like if someone responds with experience with GT640 1GB GDDR5 or GDDR3 2gb and tell me if it can run gta 5 on solid - high 720p settings. That is good for me. With that settings i would survive till i get some money which wont be soon. I could go bit over US $60 and if you have a good graphics card for me that is not dual link so it can fit in my case. I would like some one link graphics cards from you guys tho if they are not in my budget i cannot affort them.