Harith City | FRESH SERVER | hiring ems / police / mech | apartments/housing | semi-realistic | drugs | robberies | legal jobs and more |


Hello Roleplayers,

Harith City is a semi-serious role play community. We aim to provide you with wide varieties of jobs and friendly environment. With some unique features.
Discord ( https://www.harithcity.com/discord )

Police and EMS have their own role-play characters in the city. Every person way of talk and behavior may vary on the situation. Main Role for the POLICE is to keep city a safe place for each citizen. While EMS will try to provide with the best healthcare to the city. These two combines will make a city safer place.

City is built through some semi-serious Role-plays. As we are taking a character to build through the city. Each one has a unique character and personnel thoughts on each scenario. Role-play means it self-living the life of a character. There will be different as some may choose to live a life of a loyal citizen some other may go to gangs some may be robbers. The path you choose is not where things are limited. There is always room for every single person in the city to build up their character. We are here to help you with and every situation. Role-play is based on what you do.

HC Team
We are a team of players who have been in Role-play for a while. So, we will do our best to give what a player wants. As we have been though difficulties which everyone has been. So, we believe that we can provide one of the best RP assistance in the city. We are always around help and clear the doubt of every citizen.
Looks and Features

• City Hall
• Legal Jobs
• Illegal Jobs
• Custom Police
• Custom EMS
• House Robberies
• Bank Robberies
• Store Robberies
• Custom Vehicle Shop
• Custom Mechanic Shop
• Balanced Economy

• Custom EMS vehicles
• Custom Hospital
• Custom LSPD
• Custom PDM
• Custom Banks
• Custom Vehicles
• Cloths
• Custom Jobs
• Custom garage
• Custom Houses
• Motels

• Mumble
• Radio
• Custom Phone
• Custom Inventory

• Animations
• Hunger
• Stress
• Injuries
• License (Gun / Driving)
• Medical
• Custom weapons
• Corner drug sale


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Well appreciated staff team and dev. Good job love being here <3

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BTW opportunities are open. JOBs, businesses etc