Hang ‘Em High Role Play | Looking for Devs

Hang ‘Em High RP is a project that has been brainstormed by previous members of the RP community who are lookin to bring to light a new project that dares to push the boundaries of RedM RP. The current management team have worked across multiple communities and have come together looking to create an experience that prioritizes the player experience first.

We are starting from the ground and looking for more developers looking to help bring this project to light and see it succeed and flourish.We currently have one dev and are looking to add to our team! We are looking for someone who is going to dedicate time and work hand and hand with the management team. We will be using RSG Framework as our base.

Preferred criteria:

  • Primarily knowledgeable in lua language & SQL
  • Has worked with RedM in the past or is currently working with RedM.
  • Can dedicate at least 20 hours a week to the project.
  • Works well in a team setting.
  • Someone looking to add ideas they might have and offer a different view to the project.
  • Good with case load management.
  • Good with time management.

Bonus criteria:

  • Knowledge with different coding languages beneficial to the creation of the project.

If interested either message me on discord or join the community discord.

Discord: carlson_ni
Discord: Hang 'Em High RP

bumping this post

Bump! Still looking for developers to make this project happen!

Bumping this post we are still looking for a developer to help with the project if you are interest please join the discord.

I joined you’re discord GhostlySpectre is my discord name iam an Experienced LUA Dev

I got back to you

Bump, still looking for a developer to assist! If interested please reach out.

Bump. We currently have 1 developer and we are looking for more!

Bump. Still looking for members to join the team! We have been making progress and feel a few others joined progress would skyrocket! Reach out if interested!