Hacker Job for ESX

HY this is my first post, and I don’t know exactly how to proceed, I basically reworked a broken hacker job script than pass thought my hands I don’t know the original code writer because the guy who send it to me renamed the script with his name and it hasn’t comments, so all thanks to him because I just corrected the mistakes caused by bad made modifications and made the SQL file. I hope you enjoy it and I will answer any question, Thanks ^^
all additional information in the readme

Edit: The original writer is utkuali all credits to him


Looks awesome, you kinda fucked up the link tho.

There: https://github.com/Nerea-Cassian/deep_hackerjob

lol this is my script :smiley:

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lol im a huge fan and im excited for your phone

literally same moment i saw title i thought that u released hacker v2 until i saw title lol

ESX STANDALONE guys :laughing:

Do you what to me to delete the post? O just credit you?

Credit would be enough, people can use it if they want.


Looks good, but I don´t think this is a standalone script. You do know what standalone means right?

Thanks I’m totally noob in this so I appreciate the help

I think I mixed up, I believed that standalone is something like there is no support for this script

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Here’s a video of the mod:

i paid for this

what do I need to fix to open my phone for hacking?
I have animation working, notification and phone doesn’t open

When I enter the menu and choose an option, the character stays stuck.