[[email protected]][GameRoom] Racing (GTA:O Style) + Map Creator

Grid starting point and checkpoint override showcase.

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The following error will pop up if you don’t enter after creating the competition:

I just did a little translation work, which made the plug-in unusable

Every time you start the competition, you will go to another world. The participants and the non participants will not see each other. How can they imagine it? How do you set it up???

For own world config in next update.

What happened while doing it?, explain.

By default, creating a room directly without selecting any configuration will make an error, but if you select any option, it will be OK.

Use it for your world configuration in the next update.
Can there be options after the next version is updated?

Yes, in server config.

Update 2.6

  • MySql is optional for time record.
  • Auto MySql table update for other database update.
  • Add server config for own world racing.
  • critScaleforms not required any more.
  • Fix spectating player can visible.
  • Fix spectator mode checkpont.
  • Fix out of range OneSync Infinity issue.
  • Fix radio interrupt when transforming or respawn.
  • Ready menu display more race setting info.
  • Faster cutscene before race start.
  • New end game result and cutscene.
  • Update own vehicle modification Game Build 2699.
  • Display best lap of class while loading map.
  • Add handle for ramp stunt cam Press INPUT_VEH_GRAPPLING_HOOK.
  • Add handle for DNF.
  • Add handle for player or vehicle death wasted screen.
  • Add handle suicide and kill notification.
  • Transform smoke color depend on vehicle color.
  • Transform, Warp checkpoint sound and smoke sync network.
  • Support Xbox controller input and help notification.
  • Hold INPUT_ENTER for respawn to checkpoint.
  • Press INPUT_HUD_SPECIAL for special HUD.
  • Hold INPUT_HUD_SPECIAL for big map.
  • Preload next vehicel model before transforming.
  • PointMarker add photo mode for take screenshot.
  • PointMarker starting point grid editor.
  • PointMarker add checkpoint override menu.
  • PointMarker can render checkpoint long distance.
  • HUD add world record display.
  • HUD add player stamina for Bycycle and Parachute.
  • HUD solo no display rank.
  • HUD one lap no display current lap time.
  • Create menu add slipstream checkbox.
  • Create menu add custom vehicle checkbox.
  • Config change menu default radio.

All DLC update, improve starting point and checkpoit

Can you try and explain in Good English sentence please, are you saying if you are in the same server session and someone starts a Race, all people get transferred to that race game as well?

If that is not the case can you explain what was happening?

I have been testing features before release and this guy is amazing and hardworking.


Just some Language observations:

My Suggestions for English Grammar

Hold F To Respawn To Checkpoint
Hold Z To View Large Map
Press Z To View Special HUD

Private Messages:
Vehicle Transformed TO "

  • Committed Suicide Or " Died

There are other English Grammar spelling issues, would you like me to check all?

Another Great Update. Thank you

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Can the start countdown be kept?

Can the start countdown be kept?, players would love to have a countdown because it feels so good

Is this person some kind of bot, surely cannot be real…


I’m a real person, but I don’t use this account very often

i was thinking the same

Is this work on QBCore Server?

Work with any server base.

Update 2.7

  • RangeUI will make game crash for PointMarker, please update it.
  • Type command darkrp_pointmarker followed by the name of the new map to create a new map.
  • Race game handdle pickup ability (Boosts, Rockets) (Press E).
  • Add slipstream sound.
  • PointMarker add Prop Editor.
  • PointMarker add Pickup Editor.
  • PointMarker display direction arrow on override postion checkpoit and prop.


  • PointMarker display vehicle status on Race Details - Availble Vehicle.
  • PointMarker hide health and armour status bar.
  • Change race intro and end result background to native GTA:O scaleform.

  • Change sound effect to native GTA:O.

Trick: For map route type point to point, can use warp checkpoint to start a new lap.

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Thank you so much for keeps update this every week! :slight_smile:

One thing I think would improve this: To make a lobby to GTA:O style, what actually appears after all players joined (before race just starts).

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Don’t understand what you are trying to explain, can you explain, as just doesn’t make sense?

What during a race? you do what? and it does what?