GTAi x Dystopic Future: Apocalypse Base Building AI Assimilated Hordes Allied Solo Juicer Casual or RP

This is a very well thought out server with so much untapped potential. PvP is optional which is nice, because you're not forced into pvp by some 12 year old who won't leave you alone. Adds a very chill atmosphere.
You can build a base almost anywhere, and there are a few missions to do around the city. There are a few hidden things to look for, but not like you'd expect. You actually have to do the starter missions to understand more about the city.
I know the server owner has more planned, and I can't wait to see what he has in store in the PVE player vs Machine world he's creating. The theme is like Terminator had a baby with The Matrix in Los Santos lol. My only wish, is that there was more to keep the player based occupied for longer. Once you build a base, get your reputation up, and get all the cars you want... Then what? 
Would be nice if there was a way to craft your own ammo, or a black market where you could cryptocurrency to buy ammo... But, again... Who knows what's in store for the future. Overall, very well thought out. Has the potential to be one of the greatest city's on FiveM. In the work the server owner has done this far... 8/10 stars! And I'm sure it only gets better from here