GTAi x Dystopic Future: Apocalypse Base Building AI Assimilated Hordes Allied Solo Juicer Casual or RP

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:eight_pointed_black_star: GTAi Server Info - ( Join GTAi FiveM Server )
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It is 2040. Hordes of AI assimilated citizens have taken over and the excess of humanity has begun to spill out of the cities as they rot. Sandy Shores is the last true refuge in San Andreas.

Play casual around Sandy Shores, or head South to the City of Los Santos where the TAiNT reside. The PvP system is designed to protect players who do not engage in PvP, with a bounty system for hunting players who kill the innocent, and police protecting Sandy Shores, eagerly awaiting any opportunity to scratch their killing itch.

RP and Streaming are welcome.

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:eight_pointed_black_star: Key Features
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:small_blue_diamond: Players can have up to 8 characters each with their own names, object ownership, allies, and leaderboard stats.
:small_blue_diamond: Salvage map objects and use them to Build almost anywhere in the map.
:small_blue_diamond: Set permissions in your base for friends and allies, or just make them keys to access specific doors and containers.
:small_blue_diamond: Custom signs on the same plane as any surface of and of your objects. :small_blue_diamond: PvP Bounty System that flags you with a purple blip for 5 minutes when you hit an innocent or other purple, and a red blip for 20 minutes when you kill an innocent.
:small_blue_diamond: Take items from hunting BOUNTIED players based on item confiscation rate.
:small_blue_diamond: Custom Zombie ai with crowding, stumbling, puking, more.
:small_blue_diamond: Aggressive, fast TAiNT AI inside Los Santos.
:small_blue_diamond: Actual items that can be dropped on the ground, using models and physics.
:small_blue_diamond: Crafting, cooking, forging.
:small_blue_diamond: Craftable Implants with random stats and different Tier levels that can be installed into the body to give players special abilities.
:small_blue_diamond: Custom inventory with sorting shortcuts.
:small_blue_diamond: Every container can be looted or used to store items. (From trash bags to large storage crates.)
:small_blue_diamond: Improved weapon handling that allows quick swapping between any weapons, as much ammo as you can carry, and working reloads in vehicles.
:small_blue_diamond: Custom Crouch and Prone movement with rebindable keys (default C and ALT), comparability with other movement modes, and smooth camera for prone movement
:small_blue_diamond: Location based weather and sunlight with seamless transitions and temperature ranges for each weather that affect players. (The City of Los Santos is always cold and dark, while the rest of Los Santos is hot, and the sun shines during the day.)
:small_blue_diamond: Seamless death ragdoll handling.
:small_blue_diamond: Mumble and Chat system with global ooc channel and radius based ooc channels that match the mumble radius settings.
:small_blue_diamond: Private messaging in chat with an autofill reply command.
:small_blue_diamond: Hunger, thirst, heat, cold, radiation.
:small_blue_diamond: Drug Sales, Drug Use, Drug health and combat effects.
:small_blue_diamond: Status effects and visual HUD effects.
:small_blue_diamond: Gang factions with quests, progression, and bonuses.
:small_blue_diamond: Quests/Tasks Journal.
:small_blue_diamond: Exploration, Delivery, Kill, and Heist style tasks.
:small_blue_diamond: Placeable beds that act as your respawn point.
:small_blue_diamond: Leaderboard with kill tracking and online status. (Incognito mode is coming to hide online status.)
:small_blue_diamond: Player location is retained on disconnect / reconnect.
:small_blue_diamond: Emotes; Integrated and updated dpemotes mod to have 9 emote keybinds that can be rebound in FiveM Keybind settings, and improved ragdoll.

Build anywhere in the map. There are almost no restrictions to where or what you can build except for some small restricted areas. Everything is persistent. Complete the Tutorial Quests to learn the core gameplay mechanics and how to start building.

Unique implants with special abilities are available if you can find the material and tools to build them.

Visit the Discord channel and say hi. :smirk: Feedback and bug reports are welcome and appreciated.

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:eight_pointed_black_star: GTAi Server Plans
◹⊷◌⊶∴∷∵∷∷∵∷∷∵∵∷∷∴∴∴∴∷∴∴◌∷∴∷◌∷∵∷-⁞⊸∷∵. ∴∷∵∷∴∷∵∵◌◌∷ ∵ ∸⋯

Near Future:

:small_blue_diamond: More Apocalypse: Getting around is going to become more of a struggle, variety of enemies including zombies will increase, and the world will become more apocalyptic.
:small_blue_diamond: Vehicle Crafting: Currently bicycles are craftable, but modern vehicle are going to become more rare, while scrap and apocalypse vehicles become craftable and become more common.
:small_blue_diamond: Armor and more Implant slots: No longer will players have to run around essentially naked without armor. Armor will be unique items with random stats, and the ability to increase your available implant slots up to 4 total.
:small_blue_diamond: Better player tracking and privacy: Ally positions will update anywhere on the map instead of only the area around you. There will be an option added to the player list to hide your online status and position from either no one, everyone, non-allies, or non-clan (when clans are implemented).

Somewhat Distant Future:

:small_blue_diamond: Object Triggers and Controls: Buttons, triggers, and remotes for object control such as lock toggles and other things as they are added.
:small_blue_diamond: Hacking Mechanics: Terminal style hacking for various types of interactions. Player bases may be included, but will not involve destroying objects or stealing container loot.
:small_blue_diamond: Lock Picking: Different types of door lock picking for protected locks and unprotected locks.
:small_blue_diamond: Vehicle Tweaking: All the basic vehicle upgrades, plus another level of tweaks that go beyond the basics.

Very Distant Future:

:small_blue_diamond: Unique Weapons: There will be unique weapon drops/loot that have random stats and components.
:small_blue_diamond: Groups and Clans: Allies are nice, but sometimes you want to deal with smaller groups of people and still have many allies. Clans will have their own permission level for building, and door and container access. Groups will show the health of everyone in the group, and location regardless of privacy settings. Quest triggers may also apply to everyone in the group depending on the quest.
:small_blue_diamond: More Chat Channels: Private chat channels for Clans, and for Groups.
:small_blue_diamond: Radios: Radio capability for everyone who has one, but also radio channels tied to player groups.
:small_blue_diamond: More: A lot more features are planned. Check the to-do list in discord.

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:small_blue_diamond: Added Lab Truck Heists and rewrote client/server quest tracking. Talk to Lenny above Liquor Ace in Sandy. Watch out for other players stealing your Lab Truck.

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Absolutely love the gameplay style! Very unique in a fivem server. Reminiscent of 7 days to die or rust!

Love it!

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The best server ever. I have been playing for more than 6 months now and I loved every second of it. It has the best PVE content since that what I was looking for, but there are PVP for the people who like that type of content.
I can’t wait for future updates like vehicle modification and more.

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Only completed the tutorial quests(3 npc with 5-6 tasks each) . Very impressed of how well everything is scripted and unique.

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quite a fun server to play on. actively developed, the content it currently has will still offer a lot of pve fun. the base building aspect it has is exceptional and so is salvaging materials to build said base. overall cant say anything negative about it.

will have to agree with the comment above, it is personally better than glife. while glife has quite a bit more players it doesnt compare to the depth that gtai offers

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best zombie server out there. everyone can see the zombies so groups can have fun.

FREE BUILDING, not one server have I seen this.

Patches and improvements are every two days or so.

Very unqiuie very fun.

Just do the ? stuff first so you know how to do everything and bam you’ll have a blast

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This should be way more popular than it is. This is the very best zombie server in FiveM at the moment. Very cool server idea!

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