GTA5.exe!sub_1410fd3b0 (0x23f)

This is a new error that a lot of my community is getting in random spots across the map. It will not allow them to spawn in for a period of time without crassing. I have search for any information on what this error mean but i have been unsuccessful. If there any insite anyone can give me on resolving this issue? Thank you in advance

Did you clear the server cache

Yes I have

Getting the same issue, will let you know if i fix it.

Have the same problem, people crashing in a specific place without any map there, and shows that error. Probably because I have downloaded the latest version of articafts…

I went back to 2430 and still having the same problems

Fixed this by updating server artifacts to latest version

Which version did you use? I reverted back because i was having this issue and was hoping that would resolve it

The problem is now fixed I went back to 2430

It got so bad out of nowhere that people cant even join in now and i had to turn the city off as soon i got above 60 they just started crashing and couldnt get to the city cap at 80

And can you folks please provide repros and context instead of crying and going ‘waaaaah i went back’ like some emotional support group?

‘reverting’ won’t help anyone, including yourself, as you miss out on many critical fixes since those versions… and if you don’t provide info/repros/… if there IS a real issue it won’t get fixed. (1.4 MB)
I have a whole bunch of crash reports that have been sent to me by the community. These crashes seem to be very random and happen all over. After crashing, people continue to crash when trying to load back in. I have also tried disabling all addon maps and cars and they issue still continued. After a certain amount of time it sometimes will let them back in. Is there any other useful information i can provide to help with this? Im not saying it is a fivem server issue but I am unable to pinpoint the issue and find a resolution.

Ah - maybe you’ve got some script-placed peds that aren’t marked as ‘no longer needed’ and the script is assuming that these aren’t kept when no player is around?


Thank you. We updated to the latest artifacts (2882) and changed some ped spawning stuff and we are getting the issue less now. I do any another one that seems to be coming up more now.
GTA5.exe!sub_1411178D0 (0xcb)
An error at GTA5.exe!vehicleSeatManager_getOccupant (0x8) (1.5 MB)

Could you please help me with this one as well. Most of the reports they were not in a vehicle or getting in a vehicle. They were just hanging out around legion talking to somoene and the game would crash with this report. This also happened around the same time but i dont have the crash report with that one. Thank you for your time!

Hi, My Server is having the same problem. We are on artifact 2874. Problem seems to be intermittent. It usually starts after 40 - 50 PLayers. Yesterday It ran all day with no restart at all and was working fine with 40 + players. Today Started again. We had rollback to 2430 But that version creates high thread hitch and cause a server restarts in our environment. It Seems that is When ever a player pass through a central area of the map. Im not sure if this helps. We are still looking for a solution. fivempro

This fixed my issue, it was ai that were no longer needed and when you went near where they would be it would cause a crash.

This is a new one people have been getting but my scripts are only creating 7 peds

Any specific script?. I had found that 3 of my scripts that had NPC’s was causing the issue. I disabled them and crashes were gone. I’m trying to see how I can fix those scripts and try them out with no PEDs.

i will give that a try but the 74 beach peds that are spawning are not done by any of my scripts

I’ll be honest, it seems like it might be a FiveM issues rather than a script side with the Ped Pool issue.