Gta 5 new dlc/mpbikes-help?

can anyone help me, and put here new dlc links? so i can play again…
i am searching for new DLC that works fine! :8ball:

i need that dlc because when i update fivereborn, when it almost finishing download, i hawe error, that i hawe missing mpbikes dlc files, so please help me!

thanks :slight_smile:

@martins11883 I’m assuming you’re a pirate,

so you’re not getting help here.

The game auto updates, if it doesn’t you’re using a cracked version which means you won’t get support.

@martins11883 get mad bro, did you not have enough money to buy yourself gta you lazy shit? No one wants people like you. Just grow up and get ourself some money :wink: or ask your mom

Locked - user banned.