GS Trucker Job V2 - Simulator, Dynamic, Skills, Over 1000 Truck Routes

For V1 customer can easily upgrade to V2 for Free (Just download new version on Granted Assets)


  • Truckers may choose what to transport, where from and where to transport it, which means that realistic convoys are now possible!
  • It also means that trucking isn’t just the “drive from A to B” boring job anymore! You now have to plan wisely!
  • You can now rob truckers and steal their cargo, which should bring new roleplay opportunities!
  • You can now do trucking with your friends, who can help you load and unload the crates from your truck with hand or forklift!
  • No more free trucks! You wanna work as a trucker? Rent or buy a truck yourself!
  • Trucker PDA now is fully NUI design with clean code and open-source
  • Truck Rental is beauty design and open-source
  • Over 1.000 Truck routes connect with Primary Industries, Secondary Industries and Businesses


  • More than 35 Type of industries/businesses (15 Primary Industries, 13 Secondary Industries, 133 Businesses around map)

  • More than 30 types of goods available are classified into 7 Transport item type (Crate, Liquid, Strongbox, Loose, Pallet, Wood Log, Concrete)

  • 68 vehicles and trailer are defined can use to transport. You can add anything you want

  • Trucker PDA NUI with fully information of industries and tutorial (OPEN SOURCE)

  • Skill system (Level, Exp, Total Profit, Total Package, Total Distance) with 6 Rank and 50 level, includes (Courier Trainee, Courier, Pro Courier, Trucker Trainee, Trucker and Pro Trucker)

  • Vehicle now required Trucker Skill to use and rent (If not enough player can’t load cargo into vehicle)

  • Forklift available now, at all forsale point will have Forklift Rental Point. Forklift will load max 8 package at time and Load into vehicle Faster)

  • Player now can sell item (crate/strongbox) by vehicle at Wanted Trade Point

  • Player now can toggle confirm modal when sell/buy item in PDA Menu

  • PDA Map automatic get industries position

  • NUI is Open source with React + Typescript

  • The market changes automatically to avoid boredom

  • Antiche@t Built-in and Always two side check, please rest assured that this script is extremely safe

  • Props on the vehicle are precisely positioned, Multi Prop Type of Items

  • Built-In Rental Point with beauty NUI design (OPEN SOURCE)

  • Multilanguage support

  • Trucker Handbook with ‘Become a trucker in 5 step’

  • Fully Exports for client/server sides if you want mock with your system

  • Fully install, create new industry, create new item tutorial in Readme file, and comments in config file

  • Support for all framework (qb-core, esx, standalone…)

  • Ultimate Performance 0.0ms when idle, 0.07ms when stand at Tradepoint

  • And much more, please read details below for more information

Code is accessible 90% is accessible, some parts are encrypted. Encrypted with CFX Asset Escrow System
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Over 10k of lines
Requirements Standalone/QB/ESX
Support Yes - V2 is LTS version

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:movie_camera: V2 Showcase on YTB

Details from V1 (Advanced, Merchant, Industry, Business, Trade Point)

:movie_camera: V1 Show case (Watch to know Trucker System)

Cargo Transportation

Read more

There are several kinds of commodities that can be transported. Some of them are stored in crates (boxes). Crates can be picked up by a player and moved on foot. They may be placed in a truck and transported. Crates are bought in an industry and should be sold to another industry or a business (depending on the commodity).

Some of the commodities are however not stored in crates, but rather transported directly on special trucks. This includes wood logs on trflat trailer, vehicles on a tr4 trailer, scrap metal in a Biff, fuel in a tanker, etc.

There is one important thing to be noticed. The cargo is now linked to the vehicle, not to the player that is driving it. This means that if your game (not the server) crashes while driving a truck, nothing gets removed and you may continue doing your job after re-connecting.

This is also important for players who would like to roleplay robbing truckers and stealing their goods. As it is now possible to pick up crates from unlocked vehicles and put them to another one, players may attack truckers, block the roads and steal the cargo. It should bring new amazing roleplay opportunities to both truckers and illegal factions, but also to our police departments and security agencies.

Not every vehicle is capable of transporting cargo.To see the full list of trucker career vehicles and what they can transport. See list of vehicles in gst_config.lua file



Industries are where you may sell and/or buy commodities. That depends on their economic sectors. In real life, the usual breakdown of economic sectors is following: primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary and secondary sectors in script are represented by the industries. The tertiary sector is represented by businesses.

Primary industries produce raw materials, such as wood logs, meat and milk. They do not need any commodities to work and so they do not accept any cargo from truckers. However the truckers may buy commodities from these primary industries. They are usually cheap, because they are raw. Some examples of the primary industries would be farms and forests. In this script we also include a refinery, a chemical plant and a federal mint in primary industries.

Commodities from primary sector are usually sold to secondary industries, which transform the raw or intermediate materials into goods. These industries require materials to produce goods! This means that truckers must sell primary commodities to secondary industries. Only then these industries will produce secondary commodities.

To help you understand which commodities are wanted or for sale, there is an information dialog for each industry. Every industry has got one or more storages. Each storage has got a limited capacity. In the screenshot below you can see that the industry is selling food. There are 36 packages (crates) of food available and every package costs $513. Every hour, some of the input commodities are transformed into food. On the screenshot you can see that the industry accepts 4 different commodities. You may sell them to the industry until the appropriate storage is full.

For example (screenshot above): Right now, you may sell up to 189 tons of grain to the industry (11/200 tons are already in the storage). You would get $2022.48x189 = $382,248.72 for that. Every hour, 5 packages of meat, 5 packages of eggs, 2 tons of grain and 2 cubic meter of milk are consumed (removed) and transformed into +5 packages of food each. In this case, as there are enough of all 4 commodities available, 4x5 = 20 new packages of food would be generated next hour.


Script & Config
  • gst_config

  • readme

  • framework

  • menu

  • rental

  • register industries


Personally I really like this script because It’s unique and puts a lot of effort into being different than just point A to point B and the players in my community spend hours trucking.

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Thank you so much.

Cool release

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Amazing Script so far my question is are you able to use any owned vehicle with this if I buy a Bison will that work? as id like the possibility to own my own vehicles to work with

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Thank, Personal vehicles can absolutely work without any problems

Amazing after-sales service, surpassing the majority of studios. It is the standout among the plugins I have purchased so far. The truck’s functionality is astounding, making it the most comprehensive plugin I have ever used. Truly impressive.

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Thank you

Was looking at buying this script. However based on your discord it seems that there is a lack of updates.Last post made regarding any communication from OP was January. Is there any communications and updates that are current as of feb? Just dont want to spend the money if theres no updates

Hello, when you buy the script you can contact me directly on discord. I’m working on some related scripts and will update more when it’s completed. Thank you.

Hello, my frame is ESX1.10.1 but I use ALT and nothing happens to the vehicle