Grow, Establish and Live!

In the last year I’ve been around about 20 different RP servers, some I lasted a week or two, others several months. This server has the most responsive / professional administrative and staff team I have found.

Asking questions and providing suggestions is not seen as a burdon.
Roleplay issues and complaints are not scoffed at or discussed in a committee.
!!!This is not an environment where the admins best friend gets away with whatever they want to while the person complaining is essentially berated.

I’m not going to lie, this is also a harder server with a real eco system, you do need to work for your money and form relationships with other players to get what you want. Wait, you need to RP? Fancy That? Right? This is not 100k or die.

The people here love to RP, love to improv and love to plan events to engage the entire server.

Come on in and give it a look, I think you’ll find a nice home here.


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