Great Server

  • People take their time for scenes
  • EMS, PD, DOC and DOJ take their jobs very seriously and provide top tier RP.
  • Everything is custom and not just a nopixel inspired copy/paste server.
  • Character creation lets you chose to be a lifer in prison.
  • Staff is super nice and actively participating in RP.
  • No RDM, VDM or default dannies shooting up places.
  • Was recently advertised by two very big streamers.
  • Super high quality RP.
  • Cops are very capable of taking an L or being lenient if you provide good RP.
  • Needs more active EU players (especially in departments such as PD, DOC, SAHA and SAFR)
  • Could use more clothing options (really depends on your taste tho.)
  • Making money as a civilian is a lot harder than someone who is hired at a business or by government.

If you are an experiencesd roleplayer and have high standards, but don’t wanna wait hours to get into noPixel, this is your home. This server brings the quality RP without just being a copy/paste server.


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