Great Server and Staff

I was an early BETA Tester for DRB. I absolutely love this server and the staff. The staff is an all volunteer group that is constantly working on the server to provide a great experience to the community. The staff hardly have time to play because they are constantly putting their community first to provide a great experience From the Owner right down to the Community Event Organizers everyone works hard. Story in this server is creative and even staff provide interesting story lines that tries to get everyone involved. With some unique modifications available to the map DRB holds so many secrets and older stories add to the ever deep lore of the server. The server it self offers unique experiences that not many other servers will have. I highly suggest this server. I have been in this server off and on for a year. Some of the bad reviews are absolutely wrong and come from whiny players who treat an RP server like RDO or GTAO. This server is very new person friendly. They offer a relaxed but serious rp style that helps teach new people to rp. If you don’t come in and complain and treat this server and it’s creators with respect that they are doing their damn best to provide a great server and story. Respect will be given to you.

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