Great Server, 10/10

Just gonna be completly raw and honest. So Ill start off with saying the 2 negative comment saying its “pay to play” or the owner is “money hungry” are completly false.

No one held a gun to anyone head and forced anyone to buy anything. No one has forced me to buy anything, have I? Yes, was i forced NO. stop saying it pay to play when you willingly spent your money dude.

the other negative comment about things being broken, READ THE DISCORD FFS, it literally tells you how to adjust graphic settings so you dont have to deal with that, shows you where all the jobs and activities are, so like what even? lol

With that out the way, I love this server, its my home, wouldnt think of going anywhere else at this point, Owner is kind, responsive, and helps out anytime he is around. One person running the show id say thats pretty impressive.
Alot of the complaints ive seen people run into can be answered by reading the discord.

so again, this server is amazing with some really cool people.

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