Great place to learn and better your RP

I came from only having RP experience on FiveM. This is defenitly a great place to learn. The spawning area is where the most random stuff happens. (where the rotten eggs usually fall) Come in with friend OR be prepared to get out in the towns and RP to meet people. Most everyone that i have met has been helpful and chill. There are gangs and people that rob whatnot but thats part of the RP. If you think this is a PvE server you wont like it here. The community members I have met all seem to enjoy their RP and building their communities up to get more serious. Its not crazy serious/ strict with rules but there are rules in play to create more opportunities for RP. Give it a try and play more than an hour. Every server I have ever been to, the enitial spawn area is the worst with random people running about.


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