Great Lakes RP - Recruiting Now! Police, Fire/EMS, Full Custom Cars, Jobs and Money!

Hello! Great Lakes RP is now looking for members for all roles! We have whitelisted jobs such as Poilce, Fire/EMS and Mechanic. We are a Qbcore based server so we also have jobs that any civ can join in the city at city hall! We have the Qbcore money and housing as well so we are a full real life RP server. We will also be adding some custom jobs soon as well. We hope you take a second to hop in our discord Great Lakes RP as well as join our server! “Great Lakes RP” on FiveM!

I’m interested in joining but no invite links work

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I am looking to Join but no link works can you get that working, please.

We plan on launching tomorrow! Here is our discord and event details! Great Lakes RP

We will be fully launching the server later today! Hop into our discord so you will be the first to have access! Great Lakes RP first come first server to the first recruitment of whitelisted jobs!

We have launched! We are looking for active members for Police and Fire/EMS if you are interested in one of these whitelisted jobs please see the job board on our discord Great Lakes RP! We also have jobs that are no app required in can be found at city hall in game! We hope you will check us out!

Update for 2/28/22

Great Lakes RP is in the process of customizing in game content to fit our server. We have launched to the public and would like to see anyone join us! We are going to be 100% up and running as soon as these customizations are added. We would like to have plenty of members by this point so we are ready to have some fun RP and be able to fill up Great Lakes! Please check out our discord where you will find more updates Great Lakes RP