Great All Around Server!

I used to get in funks when it comes to roleplaying and would often dip in and out of various servers. The one server I have not been able to get my self unhooked from however, is West World RolePlay. It was and is a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. I got involved in the community relatively quick and so far have had such a great time, I’m glad I decided to choose WWRP. Having a bunch of kind and respectful players online but also playing into the factor of RP makes the experience a million times better.

If you’re looking for a fun, chill place that caters to a huge variety of people, genres and styles, there’s no better places than WWRP. With a rising user base and a variety of different roles and jobs there are endless amounts of things to do and goals to set for your character. WWRP has created a unique platform for the entire community of RedM leaving the storyline up to YOU!. Anyone can hop on and have a good time without having to worry about admin abuse or disrespectful behavior for no reason. PEOPLE OVER PIXELS!


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