Gravel Coast Roleplay | 16+ | Controlled Economy | Licensed Firearms and Illegal Firearm System | Professional LEO | Built-in CAD | Mature Staff and Department Administration | 10,000$ Sign on bonus for all SVSO hired in the next 48 hours

Gravel Coast Roleplay

What are we?
We are a professionally ran community, built on structure and respect. Understanding of how these work, respect is built both ways, and structure comes from the ground up. Meaning that you will be respected as long as you give everyone respect, and our training starts from the moment you are hired and making sure that your job is correctly done. We build relationships from the start.

What are the Directors backgrounds?
Well knowing what everyone looks for in a server, management is key for the way a community will function. Our management comes from many different FiveM, GMoD, Development, and IRL experiences. We are all 17+, mature, and experienced. Our Server wide Law Enforcement Policies stem from a common understanding of Law and Police Procedure. That was learned from College courses and working with IRL Law Enforcement.

Are you guys Hiring Staff or Department Supervisors/Management?
Yes we will always be hiring as we can never get a big enough community. But we will make sure that you are fit for the position, this starts from the interview or application. We take our verbal interviews very seriously and will ask you about background, age, and even IRL experience if you have any. We test your ability to relate IRL Leadership to your law enforcement or staff leadership. So please take these few things into consideration when you apply:

  • Your leadership style
  • What you have done in terms of other communities
  • What makes you stand out
  • Improvements you will make upon yourself

Senora Valley Sheriff’s Office Hiring:
There are no words to explain the publics desire for order in a modern society like ours. But there are people to put their lives on the line to protect the public. The SVSO has been a key in the state’s Crime Prevention Movement. The SVSO has been the head of tactical operations and wildlife protection for the last 60 years. Successfully limiting weapons trafficking’s in the Senora Desert by monitoring person(s) of interest.

Can you make a stand to crime and take on the prestige of becoming a Deputy of Senora Valley?

What is open in SVSO
All new hires in the next 48 hours will receive 10,000 dollars upon the completion of training. Along with money to purchase your own gear.

  • Sheriff Patrol (Deputy 1 - Corporal)
  • ASU Certified Technicians
  • Tactically Trained Operatives
  • Administration Capable of Leading the Deputies of the County

San Andreas Highway Patrol Hiring:
Vehicle thefts on the rise and peoples lives on the line for the price of their own automobile the Troopers of the SAHP have been on the move to track down rings of dangers vehicle hijackers using firearms and force, to steal from the people of San Andreas. A Trooper isn’t only tasked to the State’s highways, instead they are tasked to the entire state, putting a focus on the traffic operations of the state

San Andreas Fire & Rescue Hiring:
Vehicle accidents and drug overdoses have been on the rise since Fentanyl and carjacking have poured into the state. Are you the one who will stand up and become an EMT or Fire Fighter for the State of San Andreas in this time of need.

Discord : Discord


Fire Department is Great! Custom liveries and eup, plus fire hose script!

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Looking to hire for DPS.

Looking for a new home, well come check us out, gonna do a photo dump for yall to take a look at what we have!!!


Still looking

yes contact me on discord at Dwight Snoot#0001

You still looking for High Command or staff?

awesome who do I dm about joining

sent you a request

I like very much

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+rep, great server

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Major additions, inventory is working, and Armory has been setup. Will be adding custom weapons for Tac units in the departments very soon. Join now before the whitelist shields the server!!! Trainings for the departments require and academy and we require attendance before you become certified.

A illegal firearm system has been added. You are now able to craft a “ghost gun”. Parts can be crafted out of metal and other materials. They will be crafted by players at 1 set location atm. These firearms have no serial number, untraceable, and make a good source of money if you choose to sell and produce them!!!